Basic $100
No Income, Student, Ontario Works
Personal Income Tax $100
Includes 1 tax slip + $5/tax slip
Business Income Tax $500
Sole Proprietorship
Rental Property $300
Corporate Tax Return $1,250
Nil Return $600
HST Return $200
NOA/Tax Slip Print $50
Requesting tax documents from Canada Revenue Agency


Monthly/On-going $989/month
Includes: Invoices/Purchases, Payables/Receivables, Debt/Assets/Sales, Statements, ad-hoc
Bank Statements Only $200/page
Bookkeeping only using bank statements
Quick & Simple $500
Bookkeeping for businesses with minimal transactions or simple transactions
Receipts $300
Calculate and organize a year's worth of physical receipts

Extra Services

Consulting $250
Accounting, Tax Planning and Advice
Canada Revenue Agency Assistance Varies
Support and follow up with CRA due to letters and audits
Additioanl Services $300
Registrations (Canada Pension Plan, Old Age Security, Employment Insurance, Disability Tax Credit, etc.)

Bundled services receive a discount of up to 50%
Existing clients receive a discount of up to 50%